Remember How to Have Fun

Children hardly have to think about having fun. They have fun wherever they find themselves, playing with a stick and a stone, getting absorbed into the minute insect life around them, running around the garden at dusk, telling themselves stories or bouncing on a trampoline. Somewhere in our growing up we lose that ability to find fun in everything we do. Life suddenly gets serious and fun is no longer spontaneous.
I don’t know when it happens, but it just does.

We can re-discover the fun that we used to have so effortlessly. As adults we often have to make more of an effort to have fun, but there are huge benefits to lightening up and giving ourselves a break from being serious. When we are having fun, we laugh and relax, a proven recipe for stress reduction. Too much stress can affect our health. A bit of fun isn’t a waste of time, it is essential for our long term physical and mental health. We’re not just having fun for the fun of it!

Sometimes we can forget how to have fun. We have to take ourselves and life so seriously that we lose the knack. Then we often mistake other things for fun, false fun substitutes, to deal with stress by dulling it for a while, but not having a long term effect. False fun is any activity that quickly becomes boring, makes us feel worse than before or that we regret afterwards. Real fun comes when we go back to ourselves as children and remember the things we used to enjoy then.

We all need to have more fun in our lives. Give yourself time each day to do something fun. Get into the habit of allowing yourself fifteen minutes just to do something fun. The more you practice having fun the better you’ll be at it.

It’s a waste of our time here, if we let our lives go by without having fun. Make a positive decision to have more fun and don’t let the days slip by without something fun each day.

Challenge yourself to make a list of thirty things that are fun. They can be small things and bigger ones. Now commit to doing one of those things every day this month. Who knows it might even be fun enough to do again next month!

Can you remember when you last had fun?

“Some kind of fun lasts longer than others.” Betty Hutton
“A spirit of fun should pervade every meeting because it helps people participate and learn.” Gene Perret
“Funny is an attitude.” Flip Wilson

Ideas For Fun and Games This Summer

Welcome summertime this year with a return to old fashioned outdoor living. Dust off the barbeque cooking fork, bring the hammock out of storage, and plan to have a variety of outdoor games on hand to make the most of the beautiful summer season.

One great activity your young ones will enjoy time after time is parachute play. Available in multi-colours with handles, play parachutes allow several children to join in the games by simply grabbing on. Jump-rope rhymes, over and under, hide and seek are all parachute play favourites. What a wonderful way for the younger set to play in the sunshine, get some exercise, and learn cooperation with their friends!

If a summertime birthday is coming up, it is easy to set up some great garden games in advance which will keep the birthday kid and company busy whilst you are preparing treats. Bean bag toss requires only an upright board with holes and some colourful palm-sized bean bags. A sack-racing course is a matter of a starting line, a finish line, and some burlap bags. You might want to enlist the help of an older brother or sis to time the races with a stopwatch, or simply stand by to declare the winners.

For ‘tweens and teens, a few sessions of beach blanket Twister fits the bill, complete with inflatable dice advance the play. Add some cordial and biscuits to help them refuel, and the game could continue until the sun goes down!

The accomplished sports enthusiasts among your brood will enjoy a challenging game of croquet on the garden lawn, or for something new and interesting, why not set up a miniature Frisbee golf course to test the skills of the toughest competitor? Boules is another competitive outdoor activity which challenges the skill of the participants, and requires only the equipment and a flat expanse of lawn.

When things heat up at midday, turn on the sprinkler and everybody can make an end run to cool off. With lots of refreshing iced beverages and a bit of rest in the shade to regroup, your crew will be ready for round two by early afternoon. No shade trees in the garden? Not to worry–just set out a nifty pop-up sun shelter or two where your tribe and their guests can take a sun break. The Caribee Sun Shelter is the perfect choice for instant shade.

Grown-ups can enjoy summer in the garden as well. While the younger set is frolicking, why not set up a relaxing board game under the umbrella? Sip a tall cool drink while you give your brain a work-out, trying to trounce the competition with the highest score. Scrabble, Monopoly, cards, you choose. A little mood music on the portable CD player and adults can enjoy their own idea of summertime fun.

Fun Easter Games

When Easter comes the kids deserve to have some fun. So why not let the kids play a few fun Easter games. This can be an Easter treat that’s actually good for them. Here are a few favorites that I know kids will love.

Who’s the Hopping Bunny?

This is one of the fun Easter games that can be used with a group of children so it is ideal as an Easter classroom game or an Easter party game. The children form themselves into a circle. Choose one child to be the Spotter. The Spotter goes out of the room or turns his back on the others. While the Spotter isn’t looking choose a child from the circle to be the Hopping Bunny.

The Hopping Bunny chooses a movement for everyone to copy. Movements might include hopping movements like jumping on two feet with hands by sides, jumping on two feet with hands held up like paws, hopping on one foot or bouncing the body up and down with feet not leaving the ground.

The Hopping Bunny can be creative with the actions and will need to change movements often. Once everyone is copying the Hopping Bunny’s movements, the Spotter returns and starts observing the group.

The Spotter’s job is to work out who the Hopping Bunny is in three guesses. The Hopping Bunny changes the movements as often as they can without being seen by the Spotter. Everyone follows the Hopping Bunny’s movements. After the Spotter has had three guesses or when the Spotter guesses who the Hopping Bunny is, the game can start over with a new Hopping Bunny and a new Spotter being chosen.

When you play this game, encourage the kids not to look at the Hopping Bunny as this will make it obvious who the Spotter is. Instead suggest that they scan the group and change their movement when they see that others are changing their movements.

Easter Relays

The traditional relay race can be used as a fun Easter game by giving it an Easter twist. Here are a few suggestions. For the Human Egg Roll Relay each person has to lie down and roll to the other end. You will need to make sure there is plenty of space between each team for this relay so that children don’t roll into each other. It is also a good idea to keep the track short so that children don’t have to roll too far.

For the Bunny Hop Relay children hop along the track with feet together and hands held up in front like paws so that they look like a hopping bunny.
You can also try the Egg Roll Relay. For this relay, each team is given an egg that they roll from one end to the other. Each person has to bend down and push the egg gently to make it roll.

The Egg and Spoon Relay is an old favorite that is perfect for Easter. This relay is one of those fun Easter games that is ideal for all ages. Each team is given an egg and each player is given a spoon. The children race from one end to the other holding the egg in the spoon. At the other end they have to carefully pass the egg from their spoon to the next person’s spoon.

There are plenty of fun Easter games that you can use to entertain children at Easter time. These games make a great Easter treat for large or small groups and best of all these are Easter treats that won’t rot their teeth.