How To Become A Perfumist And How To Get Fragrance Or Perfume Samples

How do people become perfumist?

1) There are few stages to become a perfumist. In first stage, you have a strong interest in perfumes. You like perfume enough to own a few bottles and follow new releases, can last for years.

You probably smell whatever comes through the department stores and have tried a few of the classics like Patou Joy and Chanel No. 5. You sniff perfume from bottles on other people’s dressers and compliment co-workers on how they smell. You probably like perfume more than most people you know, and you hope one day to find your signature scent.

2) Stage two is the beginning Perfume Mania!. A switch flips inside you, and your drive to know more about perfume ramps up. You might have traveled to France and had an olfactory awakening, or maybe you stumbled on Now Smell This as you were trying to find a good price on a bottle of Lanvin Arpège for your mother-in-law and now your interest in perfume deepens.

How To Get Samples?

You can purchase a wide range of discount perfumes. Finding a perfume that is affordable is not hard when you use online perfume stores. There are many perfume stores online that will offer a wide range of gorgeous smelling perfumes for you to take into consideration. There is no need that Cheap perfumes do not have to be cheap in quality. You can find many of the designer perfume brands offered for less on the web.

Womens perfume offers many various types of experiences. Perfume is an experience that allows for you to be taken to a new world. Each time that the scent of your perfume wafts by someone, they should be able to know that you are creating for them a memory of you. Many women are known by the scent of their perfume. Buy perfume that creates a memory in the eyes of those that you love and those that you hope to meet.

What Details You May Not Know?

Perfume contains alcohol, water & perfume (fragrance) oil. It is a word that comes from Latin per fumum, which means “through smoke”. Some varieties of perfumes are oriental, floral & chypre (means “very sincere” in French). There are also many sub-variations such as woody, musky, aquatic, spicy & fruity.

1)Eau de – means “water of” in French.

Percentages in the following refer to the percentage of perfume oils in each product.

2)Eau de cologne – contains about 3-5%.

3)Aftershave lotions & splash colognes – contains about 0.5-2%.

4)Eau de parfum – contains about 15-18%.

5)Eau de toilette – contains about 4-8%

6)Parfum (perfume) is the strongest of them all as it contains the most perfume oil.

Scented ingredients added to perfumes include ginger, grapefruit, musk, peppercorns, mandarin peel, fig leaves, rose, watercress, bamboo, Clementine, vanilla, honeysuckle, green tea & the list goes on. A perfume contains between 10 to more than 250 ingredients.

How to pick Best Perfumes?

Sometimes, it is even possible to pick up wholesale perfume not from a wholesaler, but from a dealer that buys surplus stock and who buys large quantities of items that usually do not sell that much and then offers these products at wholesale prices, or even lower. Nevertheless, some of these perfumes must still be purchased in bulk if you want to avail of wholesale perfume prices.

Building Your Counseling Private Practice: Get Noticed Online With Backlinks

Each month, more and more clients go online to search for a therapist. In fact, people now go to the web more than the Yellow Pages to get information. This can be either looking for a therapist in general, or it can be looking for more information about YOU if they’ve already gotten a referral to you.

So not only is it essential to have a website, but it’s also important to get your website noticed. That means that search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing), list you on the search results, preferably on the first page. But this doesn’t happen by accident. Psychotherapists, counselors and psychologists must make their presence known on the web in order to get listed in search results. If you are trying to attract new clients to your practice, market your private practice, or build a new private practice, you need to understand the importance of backlinks.

First, what is a backlink? A backlink is another website that provides a link to your site. Basically that somebody else is listing your web address on their website.

Second, why is this important? The more backlinks you have, the more credibility your website has. If you have several hundred other websites all listing your website, the search engines rank you more highly. (Yes, there is greater complexity to this, but I’m keeping it simple here.)

Third, how do you get backlinks? There are two ways to get backlinks to your site. You can work out arrangements with other professionals to provide links to each other’s sites. For instance, if there is a psychiatrist that you refer to, ask to have her put a link on your website. Ditto with the attorneys, physicians, and other therapists in your network. Offer to provide a link in exchange, and you’ll both get the benefit. This is also an added benefit to your clients as they can find resources you recommend in one easy, consolidated locations. Therapists can build successful private practices by providing these types of extra values to clients.

Once you’ve already gotten those cross-links in place, it begins to get fun… To continue to market your psychotherapy private practice, you begin entering the conversation on the internet. Look for forums and blogs that allow you to post comments and include your website. At first, post on just about any blog so you can get yourself in the practice of it. Be sure that your post is interesting and relevant, or else the blog owner will probably trash it.

Use your full name, and include some keywords as part of your name. For instance, when I’m commenting on a blog I write my name as ‘Jennifer Sneeden, Boca Raton Therapist’. I do this because ‘Boca Raton Therapist’ are the keywords that I want to connect with my name.

Look for those sites that allow you to include your website address. Therapists may try including their private practice websites in the body of the post, but it’s better to look for those blogs that allow you to enter it with your name and email address.

That’s it. Make an effort to get at least 10 – 15 backlinks per week, and watch how quickly you begin to attract new clients to your private practice. Want to get started right now? Take a look at my blog, find an article you like and post a comment:

Benefits Vs Features

Do you know the difference between features and benefits? If you want your ad or website copy to be persuasive, you should.

Benefits persuade better than features. Why? Because they appeal to your clients’ desires and emotions.

Here’s a story that explains the difference between benefits and features.

Last year, I decided to buy an iPod. There was a $150 iPod with 2 gigabytes and a $199 iPod with 4 gigabytes. At first I decided to get the 2-gig iPod. It sounded like an awful lot of bytes, so why spend another $50? Then I learned that the 2-gig iPod could hold 500 songs (which seemed like plenty) but the 4-gig iPod could hold 1,000. That’s twice as much for only $50 more.

As part of my work, I often save mp3 files of long talks or teleseminars. They often run 60 minutes or more. These would surely count as several songs. Suddenly 4 gigabytes didn’t sound like too much and I bought the 4-gig iPod.

The feature was the number of gigabytes. The benefit was the amount of audio the iPod could hold. The feature meant nothing to me until I could translate it into benefits.

How do you use this lesson?

It’s okay to include features later on in your copy. But you should always start with benefits. So do you get the difference between features and benefits? Quiz yourself and find out – decide whether I’m describing a benefit or a feature.

Benefits Vs. Features Quiz

1. Our sheets have a thread count of 400.

2. These sheets are so comfy and luxurious you’ll never want to get out of bed.

3. The chicken teriyaki sub at SUBWAY® has 6 grams of fat.

4. You’ll stay slim and attractive when you eat this sub, even though it is filling and delicious (actually, it’s my son’s favorite and mine too).

5. We sell 4-3/8″ by 5-3/4″ envelopes.

6. If you or your kids make your own greeting cards, you know how frustrating it is finding the right envelope. You can’t mail a card without one. These are the perfect size. An 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper, folded twice, will fit perfectly.

7. Microsoft Outlook includes a calendar with an alarm.

8. You don’t need to worry about missing important appointments. Outlook’s built-in alarm will remind you.

I’ll bet you know the answers by now. If not, just visit my website and write to me and I’ll tell you the answers

And if you do know the answers, look at your marketing materials and see whether or not you’re including benefits at the beginning of the copy. Remember, features are okay, but benefits should come first. Get your clients excited about what you offer!